How to get a chiseled perfect defined jawline? Beyond mewing, exercise and guasha.

The #1 fastest growing request in cosmetic dermatology is how to get a defined, chiseled jawline! With the rise in social media, zoom meetings, and just overall being on camera more, people are noticing parts of their face and appearance that they haven’t previously paid much attention to. I think this is contributing to the rise in requests for a more snatched jawline.

Another interesting fact about jawline contour is that it is a universal concern across all ages and genders. While a lot of cosmetic procedures tend to skew towards either male or female interest, the jawline seems to be an area that everyone is concerned with and wants to make look as youthful as possible.

It would be easy to think that surgery would be the only option for this, but I’m here to tell you that there are a ton of options to get you that aesthetic jawline without going under the knife.

This is such a popular request that Allergan has even created a brand new hyaluronic acid based injectable that is FDA approved for treating the jawline area. How amazing is that! So let’s get into what some of the options are for this area, including this new exciting product!


This is one of the easiest things you can do to sharpen and define the jawline. In fact, I get botox in my jawline regularly! It allows the facial muscles to pull up on the facial skin and give a more defined look to the jaw bone. It’s been dubbed the ‘nephrotite lift’ and uses about 10 units of botox per side to get that lifted and chiseled look. Results last about 3 months with traditional botox treatment areas, but with jawline we do tend to see an extended result window of about 6


This energy based laser works by enhancing your body’s own regenerative processes to stimulate collagen synthesis and rejuvenate the treated area. Oftentimes if you have a neck lift or lower face lift the skin will fall shortly after the procedure, but this can be eliminated by stimulating collagen production in the area to fill it out and prevent that falling effect. Thermage is amazing on its own to stimulate collagen and lift the area, or in conjunction with surgery for
someone who needs a little more of an extensive lift.


Fillers are one of the most rapidly evolving areas in aesthetics. I recently attended the AMI conference with Allergan where they debuted their newest injectable, Volux. This hyaluronic acid based filler is FDA approved specifically for treatment in the jawline, and let me tell you the results from this product are incredible.

We have traditionally used Voluma as an “off-label” treatment for the jawline, which is a thinner less viscous filler than Volux. Volux is thicker in consistency and gives immediate and long lasting results - up to 2+ years! Amazing. I was amazed at the outcomes of this product!

So why might someone use fillers in the jawline? Well fillers are a great way to correct the entire jaw area, because you can target and augment specific parts of the jaw like the mandibular angle, elongation of the chin, etc. to get a very customized treatment for each patient.


Last, but certainly not least, we have Kybella which is an injectable fat-dissolving fluid that can be used on all parts of the body. In the jawline area it is specifically used to melt the fat under the chin, or the “double chin” area (though I hate that term!). This is just another tool in our toolbox of jawline-snatching procedures that can help get a customized result without needing to go under the knife.

So there you have it, these are the most widely used non-surgical treatments that will get you a defined, chiseled jawline. Check out my YouTube video below where I go into (a lot) more detail about each of these products. Subscribe while you’re there to keep up with all the derm knowledge I drop every Sunday morning!

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