Skincare on a Budget

Many of you have asked me to do a video on anti-aging  skincare on a budget. I understand that not everyone can invest in various laser procedures or in-office treatments, and that's okay. 

Today, I'm excited to share some tips on how to achieve the best skincare results without breaking the bank. 

Make sure to watch the corresponding YouTube video where I take you on a virtual tour of CVS and highlight some budget-friendly products that can be great substitutes for pricier medical-grade skincare.


CVS Product Recommendations: What to Include and What to Avoid

Now, let's dive into CVS and explore some products. 

But before that, a quick reminder to stay away from makeup wipes with harsh chemicals, skincare masks with fragrance and irritating ingredients, and the St. Ives acne control scrub. These can be harsh on the skin and may do more harm than good.

Budget Friendly Skincare for the Body

For body skincare, I opt for the Cetaphil cream mixed with a bit of tretinoin. ‘

This combination is applied to my arms, legs, and abdomen after a shower. It's an excellent alternative to more expensive medical-grade products. Remember, skincare isn't just about your face; your body deserves attention too.

Another budget-friendly option is the AmLactin moisturizer, which can be a great addition to your routine, especially if you're dealing with dry skin on elbows and knees. 

And if you're on a budget, or even if you're not, using a mix of tretinoin and Cetaphil cream for larger body areas can be both effective and economical.

Under Eye Skincare on a Budget

If you can't afford a medical grade eye serum, no worries. A simple and effective alternative is using plain old Vaseline or Aquaphor around your eyes before bedtime. This not only helps with anti-aging but is also beneficial for chapped lips, cracked heels, and hands.

Steer clear of expensive retinol-containing eye serums; sometimes, simple solutions like Vaseline or Aquaphor are just as effective, if not more.


Sunscreen on a Budget

When it comes to sunscreen, Elta MD is a fantastic drugstore option with 10% zinc oxide. Zinc oxide provides broad-spectrum coverage, reflecting and blocking UVA and UVB rays effectively. It's an excellent choice for protecting your skin, even on a budget.


Budget Recomendations for Acne concerns

I really like the Clear Pore Cleanser and Mask from Neutrogena. It has 3.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. You never want to use a product with 10%+ Benzoyl Peroxide on your face. Those are made for back and chest acne and can be damaging to the skin on your face. You want to be careful as it could bleach your towels, sheets or clothing. 

I also really like the Adapalene Differin Gel if you can't afford a medical grade retinol product. It used to be a prescription product but is now available over the counter. Adapalene is a vitamin A derivative, in the same family as tretinoin. This product would be best for comedonal acne but it also has powerful anti-aging effect. 


Face Wash Recommendation

I really like the Cetephil Daily Face Wash. I think this product is legit if you are just looking for an everyday cleanser 


Don't Buy This at the Drugstore

On the other hand, I recommend avoiding drugstore Vitamin C products. 

Formulating an effective Vitamin C product requires advanced technology and delivery systems, and most drugstore options may not live up to expectations. Half of the products on the market will don't contain L-ascorbic acid or will oxidize based on the packaging alone. 

Invest in vitamin C products from reputable brands for optimal results.


Budget Skincare is possible 

It is important to focus on one concern or ailment you want to focus on with your skin. I would recommend you purchase a medical grade skincare product for that specific need and then supplement your routine with some more budget friendly products like those listed above. 

Remember, skincare is not reserved for those with a hefty budget. 

With the right choices and a bit of knowledge, you can build an effective skincare routine that caters to your skin's needs without burning a hole in your pocket. 

If you need any help choosing a MDAiRE product to start your medical grade skincare, don't hesitate to email us and we can help guide you! We love to review you your skincare regimen and help make the best suggestions for your skin and budget!

Stay beautiful, inside and out!

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