Radio Frequency Anti-Aging Guide (Does RF Melt Facial Fat?)

Too much facial fat loss can significantly age our faces, so it’s important to take caution when selecting anti-aging treatments. Some providers say Radio Frequency is a miracle skin tightening treatment— But the million dollar question is: DoesRadio Frequency cause facial fat loss? 

This is a question I’m asked consistently, so in this post, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about Radio Frequency for anti-aging — including whether or not radio frequency “melts” facial fat and causes volume loss. 

Make sure to check out the correlating YouTube video on all things Radio Frequency. 

How Radiofrequency Works

First, let's grasp the fundamentals of radiofrequency.  Radiofrequency is a form of energy that is harnessed to heat the skin in a controlled and intentional manner.  The goal is to stimulate neocollagenesis, which is the production of new collagen in the skin. This stimulation helps lift, tighten, and improve skin laxity. 

When collagen production increases, the skin becomes plumper, firmer, tighter, and appears more youthful. It essentially restores the skin to a more youthful state by regenerating collagen. 

Radiofrequency is particularly effective in areas where we need a bit of tightening, like the lower face, under-eye area, and the submental chin area. These are areas prone to volume loss and skin laxity as we age.

Does Radio Frequency cause Facial Fat Loss?

Now, let's address the million-dollar question: does radiofrequency cause fat loss? This topic can be confusing because there are differing opinions out there. The key factor to understand is that the outcome depends on the operator and the device being used. If the procedure is not performed correctly or with outdated equipment, it can indeed result in fat loss.

Here's where things can get tricky:

Some practitioners might not be adequately trained or may use outdated, refurbished machinery to cut costs. When paired with operators who may not fully comprehend the physics of laser technology, this can lead to increased side effects and complications, including fat loss. In such cases, radiofrequency can melt fat and cause volume loss.

On the other hand, if you seek treatment from a highly trained and knowledgeable provider using updated, top-of-the-line equipment, you can enjoy the benefits of skin tightening without the risk of fat loss. 

RF Operator Expertise Matters

It's important to emphasize that radiofrequency procedures should never involve numbing the patient. The reason for this is that numbness can mask any pain or discomfort, preventing the patient from providing valuable feedback.  This can lead to operators unknowingly cranking up the energy levels to dangerous levels, potentially causing fat loss. 

A well-trained provider will not numb the patient and will carefully monitor the procedure to ensure safety and effectiveness.


Why Some Plastic Surgeons May Not Recommend Radiofrequency

You may have noticed that some plastic surgeons do not recommend radiofrequency treatments, and there's a reason behind this. Some plastic surgeons prefer surgical procedures like facelifts and necklifts, as it's their primary focus and source of income. 

These surgeons may not have extensive knowledge about energy-based devices like radiofrequency and may not recommend them to steer patients toward surgery.  Additionally, if they do offer non-surgical treatments, they might not prioritize proper training for their staff, increasing the risk of complications.


Understanding Radiofrequency Microneedling

Let's touch on radiofrequency microneedling. While this treatment can be effective, it's worth noting that it has its downsides. Radiofrequency microneedling can be painful, expensive, and the results may not always meet patients' expectations. 

Some providers are quick to offer it, but the feedback is often mixed, and not all patients are satisfied with the outcomes. This is why I've personally chosen not to offer radiofrequency microneedling in my practice.

In-Depth on Thermage:

Now, let's talk about Thermage. It's one of my go-to RF devices!

I want to make it clear – I'm not tied to any company or getting any sponsorships for saying this. I've had Thermage treatments four times myself, and it's done wonders for my face. Tightening and texture improvements are definitely noticeable. 

My approach here is to have a focused treatment plan and concentrate on the lower face. There's a specific protocol that works. Learn more about Thermage in my Radio Frequency YouTube Video. 

Thermage vs Ultherapy

People often compare Thermage with Ultherapy. Both use different energy sources to stimulate collagen and tighten the skin, but in my experience, Thermage wins. I've seen more consistent and better results with it.


Radiofrequency Myths

There's a myth that doing Thermage or Ultherapy treatments somehow disqualifies you from a facelift or neck lift. Trust me, that's just not true. These treatments can coexist without any problems. You don't have to choose one or the other.

Morpheus8 vs Profound RF:

Now, here's something interesting –Morpheus8. It's been getting a lot of attention, but the results aren't always impressive. Many patients report little to no visible changes, so take that into account. 

On the other hand, there's Profound RF. But based on what I've seen, there have been complications, like acne-like scarring in some patients. That's usually due to device-related issues. If I were you, I'd be cautious about it.

RF Combined with Skincare:

Let's talk about combining RF treatments with proper skincare. It's essential! I've engineered MDAiRE to work wonders in combination with cosmetic treatments. Our line is designed to provide your skin with all the right ingredients for collagen production.

When you use good skincare along with RF treatments, you'll see enhanced results. 

Cautions for RF Treatments:

I need to stress the importance of going to the right provider! Using RF aggressively and excessively can melt fat, which leads to large pores or indented scars. Don't be shy about asking your provider where they got their devices, their training, and how familiar they are with the tech.

Radiofrequency treatments are a fascinating world of possibilities.. Just remember to be smart about it, do your research, and find a reputable provider. When used right, alongside quality skincare, RF treatments can be your secret weapon in the battle against aging.


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