Looking for a tighter and more contoured jawline? Kybella might be for you!

The ‘double chin’ area (I don’t like that term, but it’s the best descriptor) is an area that I’m asked about a lot in clinic - it seems that we all want it to be a little tighter and more contoured. Oftentimes this desire will lead people to seek out treatments such as Coolsculpting and liposuction to reduce the fat in that area, but my personal favorite treatment to reduce fat in the chin and jaw is Kybella!

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a noninvasive treatment that uses natural enzymes that are found in our own GI tract to dissolve fat in specific areas of the body.

This enzyme is injected into targeted areas of the body where we want to spot-reduce fat and the enzyme breaks down the fat molecules in just the treated areas so the body can clear away unwanted fat.

Why do I like Kybella?

When it comes to all the options for removing fat around the chin and jaw area Kybella is going to be the most precise treatment and provides the most customized results.

Other options for fat removal in this area include Coolsculpting, which requires your neck area to fit into a device and doesn’t allow for customization outside the area of the device, and liposuction which is an invasive treatment that can sometimes leave an uneven textural appearance on the skin.

Kybella gives you completely customizable results with less risk and downtime.

What are the side effects and downtime?

The beauty of Kybella is that there is minimal downtime and very low risk of side effects! The main side effect you may hear of is damage to the nerves in the area of treatment - however this only happens if the treatment is performed incorrectly. Going to a board certified dermatologist
and experienced injector will help ensure that you have a safe procedure with minimal risk of side effects.

Downtime for Kybella is minimal as well, just about a week of swelling. Once the swelling goes down you will see your results gradually appear over the next 6-8 weeks as the enzyme goes to work dissolving the unwanted fat.

Is it painful?

While everyone is different, Kybella generally rates at about 3-5 on the pain scale, with 10 being the most painful thing you’ve ever felt. But even better is that the pain lasts for just a couple minutes during the injection and then subsides completely.

Kybella is a highly customizable treatment for the removal of excess fat in unwanted areas that carries a low risk for side effects and minimal downtime.

Check out my YouTube video all about Kybella below!



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