Early Ellacor results!

The blog you’ve been waiting for is finally here… I’ve had Ellacor in my office for a couple of months and can finally report on some early results I’ve seen in my first patients treated with this device!

To recap, let me go over what exactly Ellacor is. Ellacor is a micro coring device. But what exactly does that mean? Micro coring is a revolutionary new technology for tightening skin. It works by removing thousands of tiny columns of skin to stimulate collagen and tighten skin without surgery.

Post Ellacor treatment you can expect to have some redness, swelling, and bruising. The downtime is about 1 week, and is similar to the downtime of a microneedling treatment. You’ll need to keep the area clean, avoid active skincare (such as retinoids), and apply just a gentle cleanser and vaseline to the skin for 1 week post-treatment.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long do results last? While this is very dependent on a number of factors, such as age and health of the skin prior to treatment, results usually last between 5-7 years.
  • Can you change the settings? Yes! You can change the depth and percent area treated. Essentially this allows you to adjust the intensity of the treatment and how much skin is actually removed during treatment.
  • What areas can you treat with Ellacor? This treatment is FDA approved for treating laxity and wrinkles in the lower face. Some providers are using it “off-label” to treat other areas such as the neck and chest, however, I won’t be experimenting with that until I have had a lot of experience with the device and feel that I can confidently get results in these areas.
  • What is the approved age range for this treatment? Anyone between ages 20-70 can be a candidate! While Ellacor was designed for treating laxity and wrinkles, it’s also amazing for pitted acne scarring so younger patients can benefit as well.

Now onto the results!! My first patient is now 7 weeks out from her first Ellacor treatment and we have seen amazing results so far. She is seeing improvement in her lower face, nasolabial folds, skin laxity, jowls, and the upper lip area.

 Ellacor Before and After Results

You will notice in this photo that the area between her nose and upper lip is slightly shortened after the treatment. As we age, this gap between nose and lip gets longer and lends itself to an older look. By shortening this area you get a more youthful, beautiful appearance!

Ellacor before and after image 2

In the above photo you can see the tightening under the chin and sharpening of the jawline.

Overall, we are really thrilled with her results so far! I have been loving this new treatment and can’t wait to share even more with you as time and experience goes on. For more details on this patient and how I’ve been using Ellacor in my office check out my YouTube video below. See you next Sunday my beauties!


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